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with Astles, Astell & Astill
Astle One-Name Study
with Astles, Astell & Astill

Haven (formerly Astleville) Kansas, USA

In 1852 Richard Astle of Melbourne, Derbyshire emigrated to America with his wife Sarah and seven of their nine children, their son John and daughter Elizabeth remained in England and never saw their parents again.

Richard and his family undertook an arduous nine week journey across America before initially settling at Quincy Illinois where they found work amongst the farmers.  Two of their sons William and George later served served in the Civil War.

In 1872 the entire family moved to Kansas as settlers, travelling by wagon-train. They established a settlement called Astleville. Life on the prairie was rudimentary, progress was slow and the settlers also had to contend with roaming native Indians who were inquisitive, intimidating and often hungry. The presence of the settler men folk would normally deter any outright aggression, but in their absence the women would try to hide their children when the Indians visited. Prairie fires, drought and a devastating swarm of grasshoppers which decimated their crops in 1874 were just some of the things the settlers had to cope with. William Astle established a Town company that sold land for businesses and housing and in 1886 the new town was named Haven.