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with Astles, Astell & Astill
Astle One-Name Study
with Astles, Astell & Astill
This site is intended to be of interest to anyone who wants to discover more about the origin of the Astle surname and its variants Astell, Astill and Astles.

As well as information about my own ancestors, I have included material which I hope is of general interest such as notable people, records of British and Canadian soldiers who served in the Great War, places called Astle or which are Astle settlements, some photographs and links to other sites of interest.

Whilst it is not feasible to put all the information I have collected onto this site, I am happy to share other material that I have, and to assist with your Astle or variant research if I can. I would love to hear from you if you are interested in this family name or any of its variants, have any questions or would like to suggest/contribute material for the site, particularly if you live outside the UK. So please get in touch via the contact page.

I have registered a study of these surnames with the Guild of One Name Studies, you may find their website useful as a resource for research into other surnames of interest to you.

The arrival of DNA testing for genealogy purposes has provided the opportunity for researchers to make family connections which are not possible using paper records. This is particularly valuable to researchers in migration destination countries where documented links to the ancestral country do not exist. Marilyn M. Astle with her brother who live in Canada have launched the Astle Y DNA Study. They wish to learn if / how they might be related to other Astle(s) families in North America, England and elsewhere, and invite participation from representatives of all variations of the name from different locations. The DNA page has more details of the progress of the study and how you can get involved.


Much of the information on this site related to the origin of the Astle surname is drawn from detailed and extensive research conducted by Mr Tony Astle, when he was Vice-Principal of Brooklyn Technical College in Great Barr Birmingham. He has kindly given permission to include extracts from his research report “Cauldron of the Gods, the search for a surname”  within the text of this site.

I am also grateful to Marilyn M. Astle and John S. Astle, who have provided the information related to Canadian family members and places.
Viking Longboats
Cottage in the Forest of Needwood